3D Guns and Regulation

Following on from my expert opinion piece in The Conversation, I recently had the opportunity to discuss with the ABC’s Damien Carrick from the Law Report about additive manufacturing and its impacts on firearms legislation in Australia. You can listen to the audio here. [15 minutes.]

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Photo Forgeries

Part of the work that I am doing towards my PhD relates to digital forgeries. Recently Lyton Grace, working for The Advertiser, did a write up featuring some expert analysis from yours truly. You can check it out here

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Apple's Million Dollar Security

Apple inc. often boasts about its security capabilities. As announced at WWDC16, there has still been no malware seen at scale affecting iOS devices. This is vitally important when we consider the sheer volume of personal information stored on our mobile devices. But what gives Apple this secure advantage over other mobile platforms? Per their WWDC16 […]

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The Body of Knowledge

I want to introduce you to a concept today that I call the body of knowledge. I’ve seen it crop up in many places across the internet and it seems to be a common lesson but many people still seem to forget it and its meaning. As a PhD candidate with a family, an active student […]

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Nuclear: The Unlikely Environmental Hero | Adelaide University Union

Words by: Richard Matthews for On Dit via Nuclear: The Unlikely Environmental Hero | Adelaide University Union Netflix is a fantastic service for procrastination and education alike. I recently binge watched Kampen om tungtvannet or The Heavy Water Wars, a miniseries documenting the lives of key players during WWII over the procurement of deuterium oxide for […]

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