Richard Matthews received the BElec degree in electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 2014 and is
currently studying a PhD in the same with his research concerning a “Unified theory of sensor pattern noise for forensic image provenance.”

He served in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Officer before working on industrial automation for the Automotive and power monitoring industries. From his career in industry, Richard moved into the Academy in 2015 as a research assistant before sitting on the University of Adelaide Academic Board in 2016.

He currently sits as a Councillor for the University of Adelaide and continues to tutor first year engineering students. His research interests including digital image forensics, additive manufacturing and cyber security.


Research projects seeking collaboration:
  • Copyright and 3D Printing  – A comparison of the current patent system and how creative commons can address issues of ownership.
    • How can you beat online piracy and make money from 3D models by sharing online when the very nature of the internet is open?
  • SLA/DLP printing in multilayer resins – A study of light ray dispersion using lenses to harden multilayered resins of different curing wavelength.
    • Can a lense be used to split light into different wavelengths using the natural dispersion properties of the resins commonly used in SLA/DLP printing to speed up manufacturing by increasing the layer depth?
  • Adaptive Manufacturing STL Store – an online marketplace of curated digital blueprints that meet international and Australian standards for manufacturing.
    • How is this possible? What sort of consumer change would be needed to drive such a market place? Could the success of iTunes bundled with the iPod be used to drive the next S curve of innovation in 3D Printing?
Recent publications
  • https://theconversation.com/the-legal-minefield-of-3d-printed-guns-71878
  • https://theconversation.com/the-playboy-centrefold-at-the-centre-of-computer-science-41457