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9News: 3D-printed guns in Australia: Everything you need to know

I had the opportunity to talk about the issue of 3D printed firearms with Channel 9 News’ Luke Cooper. The main message I wanted to convey is as follows (direct quotes from the interview reproduced in print):

“At the moment the issue is far too emotive,”

“People aren’t having a logical discussion over the points, they’re reacting on what they think is something that is going to be an issue of fear rather than one of necessity.

“A blanket ban on these files is not required… 3D printers aren’t something to be feared.

“It’s just something that enables us to do something with it – much like a hammer could be used as a weapon but also used to build a house.

“We don’t ban hammers because someone’s used a hammer in a crime. Just because a 3D printer can be used in the commissioning of a crime, doesn’t mean we should ban 3D printers.”

The full article can be viewed at the below link.


It is important to note that you can reproduce firearms from literally anything. There are more practical ways of assembling these devices from your local hardware store than through the use of 3D printers.

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