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Dr Richard Matthews is an expert in digital image forensics, cyber and information risk. He holds a PhD in image forensics and a Bachelor of Engineer (Electrical and Electronic) from the University of Adelaide. Dr Matthews also holds several certificates in cybersecurity from the Tallinn University of Technology.

In private practice, Dr Matthews is the Managing Director of RHEM Labs, a forensic consultancy specialising in eDiscovery, OSINT, Media Provenance, technology and digital forensics. He provides expert witness testimony on most topics related to technology.

In his TEDx “How safe is the Internet?” Dr Matthews sets a bleak look at our use of technology and how businesses must consider what you post online. His research focuses on the previously disjointed interdisciplinary fields of electronic engineering, computer science and forensic science.

He has worked in diverse fields including the military, governance and academia. His adaptive leadership style brings diverse, dissenting views together on problems that have no well-defined solutions.

Dr Matthews has held professional memberships with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, the Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society & the Institute of Engineers Australia.

He completed his PhD (2019) at the University of Adelaide, Australia with a thesis titled “Towards a Unified Theory of Sensor Pattern Noise: an analysis of dark current, lens effects and temperature bias in CMOS Image Sensors. His specialisations include the forensic identification of digital image sensors using sensor pattern noise, penetration testing, social engineering, social media forensics, intelligence and advanced manufacturing technologies.