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Australian Prime Minister states – We are under attack!

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has today held a press conference stating the Australia is under a sophisticated nation-state cyberattack.

To those in the Cybersecurity profession, this will not come as new news.

I have been asked to provide media comment.

Please find my comment below:

We don’t attribute attacks unless it is in our interest to do so. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade cyber Engagement strategy released in 2017 states as much. 

What we are seeing here today is an announcement from the Prime Minister which states we are under cyber-attack from nation state actors with no specifics. There is reason for this. The Prime Ministers statement is vague enough to remind us to reinforce our cyber hygiene but, specific enough to target diplomatic relations as a likely proportionate response to ongoing diplomatic affairs.

Modern warfare has changed. We are unlikely to put boots on the ground. Instead, we send packets online and use other means to cause damage. It’s all part of a wider strategy called Grand Strategy or Hybrid Warfare. 

The Prime Ministers announcement today, is a proportionate response to remind those that would cause us harm that Australia is aware and we won’t stand idle. 

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Dr Richard Matthews 

Associate Lecturer University of Adelaide

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